PFAS: Forever Chemicals Found in Cosmetics. β€” 𝐑𝐒𝐫𝐒 π‘π’π―π’πžπ«πš

Many cosmetics contains a potentially powerful and dangerous chemicals called PFAS as shown by new research study.

Many cosmetic sold around the world contains a very hidden chemical. New study found out that many cosmetic sold contain hidden toxic chemicals known as Perflour.

PFAS are man-made and the compounds are often added to Cosmetics, you can find them in things like a mascara, long wear lipstick because they resist things like moisture, water so they add to what we call the staying power of the Cosmetic.

But the same properties that make them so desirable in cosmetics are actually what causes concern when it comes to our bodies and comes to the environment because in class of chemicals, they don’t break down. They’ve been nicknamed forever chemicals because they accumulate in our tissues.

They persist in our environment and researchers found concerning levels of these fluorinated compounds in a number of different products and in foundations lip products,mascara and etc. A number of these products are are not even listing these ingredients on the label.

The health concerns associated with this is that we don’t know exactly how much is absorbed through the skin and can enter the bloodstream. But what we do know, is that anytime you apply an ingredient close to the eyes or on the lips, there’s an increased risk of absorption of those ingredients because the eyes and the lips are made up of something called mucous membranes which are very thin delicate moist tissues that easily absorb ingredients.

When you apply a product to your lips, you know think about it. You’re licking your lips throughout the day rights or potentially even ingesting some of those ingredients with the chemicals.

They’re ubiquitous, you know, they’re in our soil. They’re getting into our water supplies. So we’re coming into contact with these chemicals potentially throughout our day and there concerning studies linking this entire class of compounds to certain types of cancers like thyroid disease, liver toxicity and even reproductive issues as well.

Mark you that manufacturers are not required to put this on the label because people will read the labels before they buy them. Yet, It’s not even on there. What can we do to protect ourselves? So knowledge is power and when you will pick up the product turn it around read the ingredient list in this case if there is an ingredient that starts with PERFLOUR, that’s a red flag.

A lot of these products aren’t even listed these ingredients on the label so, you know an extra added precaution might be to just limit your use of cosmetics that claim to be WATERPROOF or a LONG WEAR or a LONG LASTING. We got to keep this in mind as always talk about.

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