TSC: Four Men Suspected Of Money Swindling.

Four Men, 38 year old Japheth Kyallo Kyoko, 48 year old Jeremiah Musyoka, 32 year old Lawrence Mutunga, and 36 year old Nathaniel Kanyagia will remain in police custody for 14days to let police finish their investigation.

Police say the four are part of a cartel believed to swindle unsuspecting teachers. Millions of shillings with fake promises of employment with promotions and transfers.

The police say the four infiltrated the teachers service commission data base and strategically started working in cahoots with employees in cruisal departments and started defrauding colossal amounts of money.

Detectives from serious crime units launched an investigation at the invitation of tsc internal investigation departments following numerous raids from thousands of teachers.

They discovered that the syndicate involves a current and former employee who targeted teachers both still in service and those who are retiring. Japheth Kyallo is a former employee at records management at the TSC who graduated from University of Nairobi with a degree in human resources, he was dismissed in 2014.

He allegedly recruited TSC principal accountant Jeremiah Musyoka Talu whose primary duty was to exploit and extract teachers personal information from the TSC unit and share it with the rest.

Police say the syndicate access TSC database and fishes out details of prospective individuals who have applied to become teachers. They then use TSC CEO fake accounts to lure their target by sharing with them their personal information the victims are then asked to part with thousands of shillings to secure either their job position or promotion.

They are also said to have connected with rogue officials from the pension department targeting teachers who are due to retire promising them to fasttranasact their pension at a fee which always ends in tears when their victims realise they have lost all their saving and pensions. Police are now urging anyone who might have fallen victim to report to the DCI.

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