WOW: MEET TOP 50 MOST SUBSCRIBED YOUTUBE CHANNELS IN KENYA β€” π•Ύπ­πšπ«π§π’π€πžπ¬ π•°π§π­πžπ«π­πšπ’π§π¦πžπ§π­

There are many celebrities who does great work in entertainment industry and like every month perhaps weeks some drop music videos on youtube and at times it goes viral or a few people get it.

In Kenya we have lots of musicians, comedians and content creators and even media channels who are doing well on the YouTube platform and in this combination we bring a list of these influential artists who have been mostly subscribed to on YouTube.

In this list you can check out YouTube’s most Subscribed, most popular and the best YouTube Channels & YouTubers in Kenya. Counting down from number 50 is:

Somali React becomes the 50th most subscribed youtube channel in Kenya with over 41.41million views and over 285 subscribers. The channel was created in 2015–06–25

Kenya Digital News is the 49th most subscribed youtube channel. The channel was created in 2016–07–28 It has over 55.52 Million views with over 286K subscribers

Just like Tuko channels Mungai Eve is known for giving upcoming artist s and socialites a chance to be aired and known. Her channel has over 37.77 Million views with over 300K subscribers. She created her channel in 2020–01–21. It becomes the 48th most subscribed youtube channel in Kenya

47. King Kaka

46. Rasmi Rays


PPP TV is the 44th most subscribed youtube channel. The channel was created in 2019–04–14 It has over 35.03 Million views with over 329K subscribers

43. Sammy Kioko Comedian


41. The Real House Helps of Kawangware

40. Mapishi rahisi

39. Tales of the crazy Kennar

38. Kenya News Alerts TV

37. Monk Kenyan comedian

36. iNooro TV

35. Fillaah Tube

34. Nadia Mukami

33. Qaali Ladan


Ilkacase Lyrics is the 32nd most subscribed channel. The channel was created in
2016–10–05 It has over 74.93 Million views with over 412K subscribers

31. Tileh and Vinn Pacbro


29. Jalango Mwenyewe

28. Muniir official


26. lii caato

25. salafmedia

24. Eric Omondi

Comedian Eric Omondi becomes the 4th most influential comedians in Kenya and the 24th most followed channel. He created the channel in 2011–10–13. He has over 57.30 Million views with over 516K subscribers

23. Switch TV

Comedian Njugush becomes 3rd as the most followed comedian on and the 22nd most followed channel. He created the channel in 2014–01–01. He has over 81.51 Million views with over 524K subscribers

21. Fashion Wizardry


19. Ogaalka Dunida

18. Henry DeSagu

17. HackerSploit

16. Africha Movies

15. DailyNation

14. Ebru TV Kenya

RDHD is the thirteenth most subscribed channel. It joined on 2019–06–16. It has over 182.82 Million views with over 749K subscribers

12. Tuko / Tuco β€” Kenya

11. Bahati Kenya

10. Willy Paul Msafi

Taking the second place in the music industry is The sauti sol. Sauti Sol is one of the most followed band in Kenya and it leads in the most followed band group in Kenya. The band joined youtube on 2012–04–09. It has over 199.44 Million viewers on youtube with over 782K subscribers.

8. Otile Brown Official

7. HeroSmashers

K24Tv is among the leading news channels on youtube. It comes 4th in the news category with most subscriber and 6th in Kenya with over 399.18 Million views and 1.13 Million subscribers.

NTV Kenya comes 3 when it comes to most subscribed youtube channels in the media and news category after citizen and KTN channels. NTV joined in 2012–03–22. It has over 568 Million views on youtube and comes 5th with 1.60 Million subscribers.

4. Churchill Show

3. KTN News Kenya

The media Network joined YouTube the year of 2008/08/07. It has a total of 920.91 Million views and still growing. It comes third with
2.86 Million subscribers.

2. Freeze Lists

1. Kenya CitizenTV

Citizen Television joined YouTube on 2008–08–07. It has 920.91 Million views to date and still growing day by day. Citizen television has 2.86 Million subscribers on youtube making it the most subscribed youtube channel in Kenya.

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